Project – Intergrana S.r.l.

Seeking new commercial opportunities in France and the United Kingdom

We recently launched a commercial investment for digitisation and exports

This investment project aims to support the company’s internationalisation strategy to promote both the traditional line of products made from Parmigiano Reggiano and the two new ranges recently developed by the company: the line of baked snacks and products and the “Forvegan” line, specifically designed for anyone who wants to refrain from eating animal products but without sacrificing any flavour.

Unioncamere – Emilia-Romagna

A co-financed project

This project involves strengthening the commercial strategy abroad through targeted actions


  • To establish and implement an internationalisation plan for commercial expansion in target countries to consolidate sales of traditional products and to promote the Snack and Forvegan lines;
  • To explore the potential of the online channel in supporting this commercial expansion abroad;
  • To improve export potential and international competitiveness.


  • To win over new buyers and commercial partners to achieve a widespread presence in the target countries identified;
  • To launch a new website with a modern design equipped with an e-commerce section, along with new promotional tools to support digital marketing;
  • To increase export turnover.