A guide to our formats

Intergrana offers one of the widest ranges of cuts on the market. All our processing versions can be customised for the customer, based on their requests and needs. Our ability to change and customise the cuts of cheese we use comes from our extensive experience gained throughout over 20 years of work serving food industries, restaurants and large-scale distributors.


Grated cheese is definitely the most common cut, perfect for any type of business and product. It is available in various packaging formats, from single-servings to 5 kg bags.


These are thin slices of irregular-shaped cheese, perfect for catering and making ready meals, but above all when paired with various types of cured meats.


Intergrana can make cubes of various sizes, perfect for the food industry and Horeca. Furthermore, they are perfect for making ready meals and natural freshly cut salads.

Julienne strips

The julienne cut is mainly designed as a condiment for pizza, pasta or other ready meals, as well as an ingredient for aperitifs and starters, which can be combined with many other dishes.