Tailor-made products

Thanks to its expertise and know-how developed throughout over 20 years of experience, Intergrana can create tailor-made private label products and solutions for its Italian and international customers.

Tailor-made processing

  • Private Label
  • Packaging
  • Grated mixes
  • Cut sizes for certain cheeses

Special single-servings for tubs

Intergrana single-serving packs can be customised for any type of request. All products packaged into single-serving portions can be requested for private labels.

Tubs for natural freshly cut salads
Intergrana offers many solutions designed for single-serving portion packaging perfect for packers of natural freshly cut salads, including private labels.

Tubs for sliced carpaccio meats

Among the many options offered by Intergrana, you will be able to find the perfect cut for garnishing tubs and trays of sliced carpaccio meats, perfect for nutritious, quick, healthy lunches.


Processing for third parties

Not just packaging! Intergrana offers the possibility for other companies to use its services for processing all types of cheeses.

Based on each customer’s needs, we can offer washing and trimming services for any type of whole cheeses. We also offer a tailor-made cutting service based on the customer’s needs.