Washing, trimming and cutting

Intergrana offers a wide range of cheese processing services for third parties. We can process cheeses provided directly from the customer and package them in our full range of available packaging, from single-servings to 5 kg bags.


Intergrana offers customers many processing options, with one of the widest ranges of cuts on the market. All the processing versions can be customised depending on their needs. All types of cuts are available: grated, flakes, cubes, julienne strips and sticks.

Protective atmosphere packaging

On its production line, Intergrana also handles packaging in a protective atmosphere for products, including for third parties. Cheeses are packaged in a modified atmosphere by gas flushing; this allows very long storage times and, above all, keeps the product’s original characteristics intact.
All types of packaging can be used for this solution, from single-servings to 5 kg bags.

Washing and trimming whole cheeses

We can wash and remove any imperfections in your whole cheeses, making them ready for special processing. Thanks to this type of service, we can guarantee effective washing and sanitising of cheeses and any equipment, optimising production processes in accordance with the strictest health and hygiene standards.

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