Intergrana, professionalism and quality

The Azzali family has been running Intergrana since 1996, making reliability and professionalism in processing cheese their top priority.

Their food packaging business began by making use of their knowledge of making and ageing hard cheeses, developed by two generations who previously managed the company “Azzali & Dall’Aglio”.

The Intergrana team offers customers its know-how from the design to the final packaging of the product, while also developing customised solutions based on their needs and the requirements of the relevant sector.


The birthplace of Parmigiano Reggiano

P.D.O. Parmigiano Reggiano can only be made in a specific area; Intergrana is located right in the centre of this special place. To make it, you only use raw milk, characterised by the unique, intense bacterial activity of native microbial flora, influenced by environmental factors and above all by local fodder, grasses and hay.

During this production process, there is no external intervention to change the activity of the bacteria, and no additives are added. Parmigiano Reggiano can therefore only be made in a very specific area identified by an unbreakable bond.


People and know-how


Intergrana firmly believes in the value of people and teamwork. We seek to build solid, long-lasting relationships with our partners. We firmly believe in young people and inquisitiveness which, together with their enthusiasm, drive us more and more towards the future and increasingly significant goals.


To meet customers’ expectations, Intergrana’s goal is to create a reliable relationship of collaboration. Thanks to this hallmark of the company, in over twenty years of work, Intergrana has built a solid reputation and image as a serious and reliable partner.


Intergrana has always stood out with its loyalty to all its customers, whether they are end consumers or intermediaries. Just like in our relationships with our partners, right from the first point of contact we build a relationship of trust that stands the test of time, always focusing on transparency in our services and offers.


We offer our customers a service that is practically tailor-made for them, where they are followed all throughout our relationship by a team of experts. Our partners may also request customised solutions for all their needs. Furthermore, we make swift deliveries one of our strengths.


Towards sustainability

Intergrana’s commitment to the future is focused on identifying innovative packs that, on the one hand, ensure the product’s aroma and integrity and, on the other hand, reduce the environmental impact of our food packaging. Moving towards an eco-sustainable way of packaging is one of the main goals of the work and research which Intergrana is putting in at its production plant.