Intergrana: forever linked to cheese

Intergrana has been working in the P.D.O. Parmigiano Reggiano packaging sector since 1996.

Our history is closely linked to our region, which is the only one where one of the most exported Italian cheeses around the world can be produced, processed and packaged.

We have always invested in the best technologies available on the market to guarantee a high-quality, well-preserved product, both for our customers and the end consumers of the P.D.O. Parmigiano Reggiano we process.


The Foundation

After a decade of experience as cheese-makers at a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory, Aldo Azzali and his son Roberto founded Intergrana, which initially only handled the ageing of cheeses.


The first grated cheeses

The processing of P.D.O. Parmigiano Reggiano was introduced with the first grated cheeses. They started to feel the need to offer products with a high level of service for an ever-growing range of customers with more specific needs.


New cuts and the construction of a second warehouse

The product range began to expand, with the addition of flakes and cubes, as well as the first grated single-servings. The second warehouse was also built, increasing the area by about 1000 sqm.


Product range expansion

The product range was further expanded with the introduction of flake single-servings. Thanks to this market choice, Intergrana was now a partner for producers of natural freshly cut salads, tubs of sliced carpaccio meats, ready meals and soups.


Continued growth

Intergrana was continuing to grow, forming a more structured organisation and becoming an SRL company. In this way, it launched a process to redefine the roles within the various work teams, following increasingly diverse customers with a more industrial perspective. Its presence was also consolidated on the most important European markets and in the United Kingdom.


Introduction of doypacks

The first doypacks were introduced with a zip seal for the retail sector and large-scale distribution. Customers were able to benefit from an ever higher level of customisation, thanks to the availability of printed films and customised labels.


New expansion of the headquarters

Throughout 2021, a third company warehouse will be built, which will bring the surface area covered by Intergrana to about 3000 sqm. With over 1 million kg of cheese sold every year, Intergrana is increasingly becoming the ideal partner for companies operating in the food industry, catering and supermarkets.